Hello, I'm Abby! I love music, especially hard rock & heavy metal. I am a GIANT Rush fan! I play viola & guitar and I LOVE to draw. Enjoy! Have a wonderful day :)
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Ugh ever since that trip and school starting soon my depression keeps coming back in waves I REALLY don’t want to start therapy again :((((( all that work for nothing :(

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So I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and ever since I watched that video of that girl who got hers out with the ice bucket challenge IM NERVOUS HAHA

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Once you get this, you must state 5 of your favourite things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite blogs! Sorry if it doesn't comply with your blog theme but it's a good way to spread some positivity.

1.) My music taste

2.) I can be SUPER determined to do something if I want it bad enough

3.) My artistic/musical ‘talent’ (If you want to call it that, even though it all came from practice)

4.) My red hair

5.) My horrible sense of humor

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